Gardener of Feelings


 Intrigued by their tagline “Gardener of Feelings” and the obvious dedication and love they put into the creation of each individual product, I aimed to produce a photography set that captured the essence of a mysterious fairytale gardener, tending to nature in full bloom, as well as a modern, more subtle sparkling elegance inspired by their Gold Collection.

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These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of pre-vacation madness as I juggled the commitments of being a tutor to three lovely children, attended a smashing event held by the wonderful people at Luxola, organized upcoming schedules for the influx of holiday season & 2016 collaborations, as well as prepped for a collaborative shoot launching right in the middle of my getaway in Hong Kong: ie. the one you are currently looking at.

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My Skincare Routine


It is after amassing some experience in the area that I present to you my current skincare routine.


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