A Chromatic Interlude


Timeless elegance coupled with innovative design, State Property has what it takes to enthrall any personality.


Coda Earrings


Scherzo Clock, Accent Double Ring


Previous collections, Substate I & II


Coda Earrings


A Chromatic Interlude, the latest collection by State Property at Goodman Arts Centre

Photography by myself and Sherry Yeo


Kicking off the year right with a beautiful event I was invited to last December, which celebrated the launch of State Property‘s latest collection, A Chromatic Interlude; a stunning array of bespoke pieces for which I am incredibly grateful to have gotten the chance to preview. What a feast for the eyes and the soul; from the silver stands the jewellery rested upon to the hired artists that did portraits of us wearing the pieces on the spot, the event was both meticulously thought-out and enchanting. I am very glad I had the pleasure to speak with both co-founders, or as they call themselves, a Jeweller and an Industrial Designer, as the experience opened my eyes to the first of all, the intricacies of thought behind the creative inspiration for such an exquisite collection, and secondly, to the intricacies of skill and attention to detail that was necessary to carry out the process and craft the pieces. It is remarkable talent and passion that make up State Property.


One of my favorite pieces of the night was the Scherzo Clock that inspired it all. The bespoke Scherzo is a masterpiece with its mother-of-pearl face and brass structure, and the concept of its hands making up either a smiley or sad face depending on the time implies a darker, anxiety-ridden side hidden beneath its surface sophistication and lightheartedness. I also adored the Coda + Earrings, the undisputed star of the collection, although the subtle playfulness of the Minuet Earrings earned a place in my heart as well. They are extremely wearable on a daily basis, a quality I look out for in my pieces to keep.


Timeless elegance coupled with innovative design, State Property has what it takes to enthrall any personality.


On a more personal note, I know 2016 was a quiet year for my blog and my online presence on instagram, part of the reason being that major changes had occurred in my personal love life that inadvertently impacted me in larger ways than I cared to admit. However, another part of the reason was that I had been contemplating what to get out of my online blog and juggling time management between my creative career VS my tutoring career. I knew for awhile that I have been deeply unsatisfied with the quality, content and purpose of what I had been creating. I was also unhappy with my overall lifestyle habits in terms of fashion, beauty, fitness and health, and had no idea where to begin to identify and fix it. Without realizing it, 2016 turned out to be a year of taking the first step to explore how exactly I could be more authentic and sincere with myself as well as my audience in order to create a deeper sense of fulfillment, instead of pandering to unrealistic ideals I cared little for.


That being said, I have yet to come up with all the answers, but I wish to be more personal and authentic on my blog and instagram. Writing used to bring me much passion and joy, and unfortunately I had been losing that passion scripting posts which talked superficially of fashion, clothing, design and photography. There is nothing wrong with doing that per se, but I feel the time has come to be be more thoughtful, honest and reflective, to get more in-depth on the nitty-gritty and realistic side of life.


This year I am going by the mantra, “work hard, work smart”, and I intend to fill up this space with many more interesting collaborations, personal posts, unshared photography work I’ve done, as well as new thoughtful fashion photoshoots that I can be proud of. I hope all of you who are still reading this out there have a great 2017 ahead. Get out there, chase your dreams and be who you want to be. Step 1, take action.


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    These earrings are beautiful! Seems like an amazing event. I had a lot of similar thoughts in 2016, and I’m still trying to figure out what to focus the most time on, but I don’t think we will ever get all the answers, we just have to do what we think is best!
    Good luck with 2017!


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