Silent Symphony

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With its random streams of sunlight filtering through the high windows, dim natural lighting, and lack of visitors on an early Saturday morning, it was almost as though I had stepped into a long lost era of bygone times.



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Photography by Hee Teck Lye

Art Direction & Editing by myself


Gray pleated top (similar here)

Workshop joggers (similar here)

CC Double O sandals (similar here)

Zoobeetle Clutch

The Ordinary Co necklace (similar here)

The Ordinary Co Resolution Cuff

The Ordinary Co Edit Chain Ring


After years of buying quirky and eye-catching items of clothing which never see more than a couple of wears, I feel like I’ve finally come terms with embracing a style of fashion that suits myself and my lifestyle. Taking inspiration from interviews with certain famous bloggers recently on the topic of not always following trends and knowing what works for them, I’ve realized that comfort and convenience are every much as important as style, because I actually have a job that doesn’t consist completely of events, modeling for fashion shoots, and client meetings in fancy restaurants. I happen to also be a freelance tutor to primary and secondary children, as well as a stylist and photographer myself, and these jobs are made much easier with comfortable clothing. In addition, bearing in mind the unpredictable Singapore weather that is almost always humid, any article of clothing which is more than light and breathable becomes unbearable baggage after a few minutes under the relentless heat.


As such, during my recent trip to Bangkok, I went on a shopping spree with the sole goal of buying clothing that worked for my lifestyle, and that meant it had to be loose, flowing and preferably sleeveless. This is one of the combinations I came up with: oversized comfy joggers and a sleeveless accordion pleated crop top. Classic and simple. A smattering of silver The Ordinary Co. accessories completed the outfit with minimal fuss, creating a look of quiet elegance that complemented the stately backdrop of the Victoria Concert Hall, one of my favorite locations in the world. With its random streams of sunlight filtering through the high windows, dim natural lighting, and lack of visitors on an early Saturday morning, it was almost as though I had stepped into a long lost era of bygone times.


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    I remember I used to try and keep up with every single trend.. I used to think “I’m a blogger, this is what I should be doing!” But alas, I too saw the light.

    Absolutely beautiful accessories, and location! I really like your pants. So classic and chic.


    • 4

      Thank you Amber, ah, I agree. It’s always refreshing to finally embrace your own individual style and way of life, no matter what you do.

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      Thank you Aurelie, I think functional outfits are the BEST. The jewelry is from The Ordinary Co, you can check them out through the links above! 🙂

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      Thank you so much Erica! Haha that’s amazing, your shoe selection is always on point, just shows that a girl can survive without heels!

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    This place has beautiful natural lighting. I adore the last photo in black and white. I totally agree with finding a comfortable wardrobe that fits your lifestyle. Those joggers are fabulous and you make them look way chic with that sexy crop top. And I love that you give back by helping to teach young children. I used to tutor inner city schoolchildren in college and it was so rewarding because they were truly grateful for the help and attention. I miss that.

    xx Yasmin

    • 20

      I find tutoring really rewarding, although it can be hard work sometimes. I think I have the ability to explain things to people, so it is really wonderful to teach, and watch the children learn and improve. The best reward for me, is an improvement in their grades! You should definitely do it again if you enjoy it. 🙂

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    The concert hall looks amazing! I agree that you have to purchase clothes that fit your lifestyle. It’s okay to go out of the box every now and then but ultimately you’ll feel happier and your life will be a heck of a lot easier once everything in your closet is functional and style.


    • 26

      Hahaha yes indeed! I find that I also feel the most confident in clothes I’m comfortable in, and really nothing else matters when you feel good about yourself. 😉

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