Chosungah 22


The Koreans rarely do anything without vibrant color and lots of spunk, which is befitting of their uplifting and innovative culture.


Photography & Styling by myself

Products by SASA Singapore:

Chosungah22 C&T Blend Fresh Mix

Chosungah22 Dual Lip Tint & Gloss

Chosungah22 Bounce Up Pact

Chosungah22 Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker

Chosungah22 Real Cheek Smoother in Berry Ade

retailing at SASA Outlets Islandwide


In recent times, I was invited to the SASA launch party of Chosungah22 at Arteastiq, a Korean cosmetics line apparently developed by one of the pioneers of the global K-beauty movement, Chosungah. The inspiration of her brand revolves around creating ingenious products that are simple, eye-catching and most importantly, effective. Upon setting foot into the venue, a spectacular display of fresh, fun, neon funky colors and illustrative visuals which defined the brand bombarded our vision. The Koreans rarely do anything without vibrant color and lots of spunk, which is befitting of their uplifting and innovative culture.


Chosungah22 cosmetics includes a range of top quality make up solutions that caters not only to beautifying your face, but in typical K-beauty fashion, illuminates and nurtures the skin from within. Their foundations such as the Bounce Up Pact, C&T Blend Fresh Mix and 24H Raybeam Cream include moisturizing and whitening ingredients, as well as UV-protection, thus helping to conceal imperfections and improve skin texture at the same time. One of my absolute favorites of all time surprisingly, has to be their Dual Lip Tint and Gloss, which comes in four different shades. I have always been obsessed with Korean lip tints, finding their scent irresistible and the tints easy to apply and very long lasting. Chosungah22’s version of lip tint & gloss takes it one step further with their gloss application after the lip tint, which gives me plump, juicy, succulent orange-red lips which I don’t think I’ll ever tire of wearing. Despite being spoiled for choice in today’s make-up saturated market, I will definitely be reaching for this tint over and over.



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      I’m sure there are some K-beauty products in Chicago since the K-beauty trend is so popular now! You should check them out. Thanks so much Emily!

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      Ahahaha thank you so much Yasmin. As much as I love neutral colors I feel like sometimes the brighter tones just speak to me! I can’t pull them off in clothing (maybe one day) but I certainly can experiment in product styling!

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    Korean beauty products are taking the world! I love them, as you said they are very innovative. Singapore is the just the best place for beauty junkies, you guys get the best of the east and west! This brand looks pretty cool and young. Would love to see the products on you.


    Aurelie |

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      Haha I know right! Asian beauty products tend to suit our skin better though. I’ve been wearing the lip tint in my later fashion posts! Check them out if you’re interested!

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      Lol one of the main reasons I will be going to Korea is to load up on beauty products! They have the best stuff!

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