20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea



While this editorial was not shot 20, 000 leagues under the sea, or underwater in any way, I sought to create an enchanting aura of being lost and stranded in a mythical seascape.




collage25border copy1b&w

Photography by Hee Teck Lye
Art Direction and Styling by Audrey Hee and Ruth Lee
Sabrina Goh Dayna Shirt Dress (similar here)

Au Revoir Les Filles Biddy Bye Bye Necklace

Au Revoir Les Filles Eternal Signet Ring I 

Quintessential Quartz Ring (similar here)


While this editorial was not shot 20, 000 leagues under the sea, or underwater in any way, I sought to create an enchanting aura of being lost and stranded in a mythical seascape. Having had the opportunity to style a few Au Revoir Les Filles pieces, a line which maintains a special fusion of ice, water and ethereal strength in most of their jewelry, I knew I wanted to create something raw and simple, with elegant clothing and minimal make up, combining water and nature as a strong focal point. It almost seemed as if the Sabrina Goh dress that came into my life a year ago was made for just this moment, with its flowing polyester being so breathable and organic it moulded itself perfectly to my skin.


Being inspired by the constant creativity of high fashion shows and their out-of-the-box concepts (no matter how cliche some can be) in recent times has made me realize just how much life, narration, and emotion art direction and styling can give to a shoot, as opposed to a simple, albeit well-angled photographic shot. Photography and fashion editorials are best when they are meaningful and even better if they make observers feel. By creating a shoot that truly inspired me, as well as brought out the strong emotions I aimed to portray, this was a small start towards a bigger goal. There is so much worth in sparking the imaginations of others, and creating with all our souls the surreal fantasy we all have in our minds with what we possess on this earth.



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      Thank you so much Annie, that means a lot! I’m trying to come up with more emotive creative direction in my recent shoots.

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    All the shots are dreamy but my fave has to be the B&W image. There’s something infinitely, well, infinite about such a classic composition and palette. In other news, that signet ring is quite divine.

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      Thank you so much Ashleigh! That incredible pendant is from Au Revoir Les Filles, a really gorgeous line I’m lucky to have discovered. 🙂

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    It was funny reading your description because it was like you read my mind. I always gain such a sense of comfort when I look at your photographs. They have a serene look and feel that puts me at ease. So I don’t think your editorial ability is something you are just recently developing, but something you’ve been skilled in for a while. I am still in that phase where I take a well-angled photographic shot like you said. But I know that I have to master the basics before I can get to the emotional side of things. I hope to one day get there like you 🙂

    xx Yasmin

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      Wow Yasmin, you flatter me! Thank you so much, I’m so happy that you enjoy my editorials. A lot of the time when I decide to create an editorial, I have no idea if people will like it, so it means a lot to me that you do, so much. I’m still far from where I want to be, but I also hope to improve with time. Your blog is beautiful, and I’m sure you’ll definitely be able to one day produce pictures which you’re satisfied with. Experimentation is key!

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    These photos are beautiful and I love every single piece of jewelry you are wearing. What a lovely location to showcase these lovely pieces.

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