A Better Florist

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Something akin to those wild looking, yet perfectly curated blooms you see brides holding in magical woodland, fairytale-esque weddings on Pinterest or Tumblr.


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Photography and Styling by myself

Floral arrangements by A Better Florist:

The Audrey

The Francine

The Rosaline


As 2015 drew to a close, I happened to pick up on easily one of my favorite projects of the year: photography work and a collaboration feature for a local up and coming floral arrangement and delivery service. Wittily termed A Better Florist, I was immediately attracted to their professionally arranged, unique bouquets available online at the drop of a hat. Flowers are one of the most beautiful, sincere presents you can gift someone, welcome on any special occasion of the year: Valentine’s Day, Birthdays or Anniversaries. I love gifting flowers to my special someone on these occasions, searching high and low with the intention to splurge for a bouquet that takes your breath away. Something akin to those wild looking, yet perfectly curated blooms you see brides holding in magical woodland, fairytale-esque weddings on Pinterest or Tumblr. Artisan bouquets with their own personality and rustic charm. No one else is carrying them and intrinsically, your girl then knows, she is the one.


Unfortunately, artisan floral arrangements do not come cheap, and those which I’ve come across and adored usually cost upwards of $100 for a medium-sized bunch. A Better Florist however, offers the like priced below $100 with free delivery. By showcasing a range of professionally arranged bouquets online for you to pick and choose, their service lets you forego the trouble of going down to a shop and attempting to explain the sort of floral artistry you require without any idea how it is supposed to look like and confusing the names ofย flowers or side flowers.


The Audrey, the Francine and the Rosaline are just three of the bouquets they offer, and as is probably obvious, the Audrey is my favorite. Orange, pink and green make quite the unexpected stunning combination, and also, this bouquet shares my name, and that makes it all the more special.



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      Thank you so much KaSonndra! I think floral arrangements are a great prop for any shoot, be it fashion or flat lay!

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      Aww haha it wasn’t named after me! Just a happy coincidence. I know, sometimes flowers are way overpriced, and the florists aren’t even paid that much. I like businesses that try to keep costs low!

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    Wow I am so impressed by your photography! Really stunning shots – would love to collaborate with you for LFB! A Better Florist sounds lovely – floral arrangement is a real art and so underrated. While these are priced pretty steeply, I do think the artisanal nature of these bouquets do warrant a higher price tag than 1-800-flowers.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    • 16

      Hi Rae, apologies for noticing your comment so late, and thanks so much for your kind words! What kind of collaboration were you looking at? Drop me an e-mail anytime at adryhee@gmail.com. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Aren’t the leaves gorgeous. I recently came to learn that leaves could cost more than flowers, they are such essential bouquet accessories!

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      LOL. Having homemade bouquets at your wedding is a different kind of special though… perhaps more so than having professionally arranged flowers.

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      That sounds like a dream. I would love to do a flower wall but on the side though. I need to draw up plans for that in my future home. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    That’s such a cute and memorable name! I love that they name their bouquets, makes it easier to remember as well. I had no idea how expensive flowers were! It just makes the whole gesture very sweet. I also really love your styling and photography! It’s so minimalistic, and is definitely very Pinterest-y.

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin’

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      Artisanal bouquets are way more expensive because of the arrangements! Flowers in general actually aren’t expensive at all. Thank you so much Angelina! Glad you enjoyed.

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