Wong Tai Sin

Wong Tai Sin Temple grounds


I have always loved temples and the feeling of peace resonating within.


_MG_1985Ma La Noodles at Wing Lai Yuen Sze Chuan Noodles Restaurant

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_MG_2032 copy
Booths selling trinkets outside Wong Tai Sin Temple

Photography and Editing by myself


One of the highlights I was looking forward to on my HK trip was was definitely the visit to Wong Tai Sin. I have always loved temples and the feeling of peace resonating within. Spirituality is an important aspect of my life, and Taoist temples in particular are the closest to a religion I believe in, having grown up in a Taoist household.


The grounds of Wong Tai Sin were as beautiful as I had seen in pictures, however I found my experience there underwhelming in certain aspects. Having visited many incredible temples in my lifetime, the notable ones I’ve remembered were those of Nanjing and Beijing, China, mainly due to their large size and grandiosity. A feeling of serenity I had found in the others was also lacking here, perhaps due to the crowds of tourists in attendance and its relatively small size. Nevertheless, Wong Tai Sin is beautiful in its own understated way, and would probably make more of an impression on someone who has not visited the temples of China or Japan before.


What made the trip to Wong Tai Sin district of Hong Kong worthwhile however, was a quaint little noodle house called Wing Lai Yuen Sze Chuan Noodles Restaurant just a short walk away, which serves surprisingly delicious Sichuan cuisine. The restaurant is usually bustling with locals but it is not difficult to get a table if you are willing to share one with others. They are famous for their Dan Dan Noodles in particular which I ordered (the best I’ve eaten in my humble opinion), as I find theirs to be be lighter and much less ‘nutty’ than the many versions found in Singaporean Chinese restaurants. Any time I set foot in Hong Kong in the future, I would definitely visit this restaurant in a heartbeat for its delicious and cheap fare, as well as candid local ambiance.



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      I love China too, would love to visit more provinces there. Hope you get to visit HK one day. And thank you so much! <3

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      Totally agree. And very spiritual too. Also super intricate architecture for quite a few. They’re magnificent indeed!

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      How is it intimidating? Actually I found the people super friendly, although it helps that I speak both Mandarin and English.

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      Hahaha a million temples. I wish! I’d visit the best temples in the world if I could, one country at a time. πŸ™‚

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      I definitely enjoyed myself non-stop in Hong Kong, it was a never-ending wonder. Thank you so much Erica! <3

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