Fabric Shopping at Sham Shui Po



Looking upon Sham Shui Po, there was a sense that the past had not only been preserved, but was alive, present and flourishing.


2 3 422 Degrees North at Sham Shui Po

5 6 4a78Mongkok

Streets of Mongkok, Kowloon

Photography and Editing by myself


As promised in the previous week’s post, and if you have been following me on my snapchat account (@audrey.hee), you would know I took a breather from work and multiple projects and flew to Hong Kong for five days last week purely for pleasure. It was my virgin trip to HK despite living just a stone’s throw away, (only 4 hours by air, to be exact) and I was sorely looking forward to it.

Hong Kong blew my mind in all aspects. I stayed at the Dorsett Mongkok, and while the size of the room was completely underwhelming upon first glance, the concierge service, cleanliness and efficiency of housekeeping, as well as its locale more than made up for the lack of space. Right smack in the middle of Kowloon, our hotel doors opened right in the heart of one of the most vibrant cities in Hong Kong. Craving a midnight savory snack at 11.30pm, I could wander out of my hotel into the bustling streets of Tai Kok Tsui and get myself a hearty bowl of dumpling noodles. It was the start of winter then, and I could not begin to explain to you the meaning of comfort food unless you have eaten something similar in winter. The pieces of dim sum and shrimp wonton I ate in HK blew anything similar I had ever had here in Singapore out of the water even though I stuck mainly to street dim sum and small, lesser known restaurants. Relying on recommendations from various travel sites as well as an instinct based on luck and a love of exploration actually served me very well. The only time I was disappointed by food was the day I went to Temple Street and ate at a hawker store filled only with Western tourists. I should have known better.
We visited Sham Shui Po on the second day bright and early, and this district is easily one of my favorite places in Hong Kong. Starting off with pork chop noodles from So Kee dai pai dong, which is still absolutely mouthwatering at the thought… I don’t know anywhere in Singapore that could manage that perfect combination of pork chop, slightly hardened maggie noodles and simple clear broth. As I was there with two fashion students, we spent the rest of the day looking at buttons and mountains of fabric. Or they proceeded on their quest for final semester materials, while I took out my DSLR and filled it with shot after shot of the quaint signs and old buildings that made up Sham Shui Po. I was ecstatic. Every block of paint torn buildings fascinated me. There was just so much history, and you could see it in the architecture, the culture, the people. Looking upon Sham Shui Po, there was a sense that the past had not only been preserved, but was alive, present and flourishing. And I could touch it.
I was also not going to leave without visiting 22 Degrees North, the new concept store I had found online which stocked vintage and leather goods both international and local, and it was there that I splurged on the cutest mini leather bag you’d ever see flown from Korea.
Sham Shui Po, you have my heart. Next up, Wong Tai Sin.


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      That’s not me, haha! It’s my gf, Ruth. Hong Kong is amazing, I think most people will love it, if they adore art and history.

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    Audrey, these are absolutely stunning photos. I’ve not been to HK, too, despite the fact that I live pretty much equidistant to it as you do to it, too. My mother has talked extensively of the place many times before and it’s always been on my wishlist, to visit Hong Kong!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin’

    • 16

      Just noticed you’re from Brunei, that’s really cool! You definitely should visit since it wouldn’t be that expensive then. With budget airlines and affordable hotels, you really don’t need to splurge to travel to places (near you)!

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    Ahh a 5 day breather sounds so nice! It’s funny how we don’t go to the places close to us that often; I live near SF, yet I barely go there, and catching the train is too much work for me haha!

    I love all the photos you’ve captured (as always), they have so much character in them! Pictures of the said leather bag? ((:

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin’

    • 20

      Hi Angelina, haha thank you so much for this awesomely long comment. That leather bag is actually in my latest fashion post, New Year, New Chop, and I think you’ve already seen it! I know, it’s because Hong Kong has so much character. It’s impossible not to take a good picture of the city, thank you as always.

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