Sundial Garden


Few things are more whimsical than a hidden secret garden and a sun dial.






Indiesin tailored hat (similar here)

Missguided Swing dress

Melissa pointed flats (similar here)

Leather satchel (similar here)

Photography by Hee Teck Lye


I had always known full well I would do a shoot at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, as since my childhood days this place has been housing countless incredibly scenic spots filled with nature and light. A veritable treasure trove of bountiful nature, if you will.


Few things are more whimsical than a hidden secret garden and a sun dial.


The Sun Dial Garden was always the inevitable first spot to photograph, as it is my favorite among the vibrant array on display. There is something intensely magical about a sun dial, perhaps because it is an ancient mode of time telling, so there is a chance all aged sun dials could have once been used by people in the past who had not the slightest inkling clocks would be invented in the future. Pieces of history we can still see and touch in modern times have always held a strange fascination for me, because they prove a past vastly different from our current world existed, and in retrospect we are but a minuscule part in the larger scheme of life as a whole.


As is explicitly clear with my fashion choices, pumpkin season is still in full swing despite the passing of Halloween and the coming of November. My two favorite months of all time are coming up fast, and I can barely contain my excitement as the holiday festivities and vacation getaways begin… I look forward to documenting them both on the blog and on Instagram for all of you.



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      Awww thank you so much fro the kind words Shveta! It means a lot to me that you appreciate my creative direction!

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