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This post differs from my usual fashion editorials and food/flatlay styling photography, as I’m sharing with you guys a revolutionary method of online shopping from which all can benefit.

Personally, I am a huge cost-benefit analyzer, and tend to devote a large portion of time maximizing the use of my money on never-ending possessions which I need. It’s an enormous understatement to thus remark that Shopback is immensely helpful for a person like myself. In a nutshell, Shopback helps me to to get the current best deals on online stores like ASOS, for example by highlighting my attention to ASOS’s current promo code deals which I can conveniently use at check out. It also offers Cashback, which is ultimately what the site is about.


Cashback is a term where you as the shopper, literally get cash back from a purchase. After spending the given amount stated on an affiliated site for an item or service, Shopback actually gives you back a percentage of that money. The percentage of money returned depends on each brand, which is comprehensively collated in Shopback’s website as you can see below.


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Shopback’s very own top picks


The above depicts only a small fraction of the companies Shopback is affiliated with. In fact, a full list of affiliated brands that are renowned amongst fashionistas like myself can be found here. It is somewhat saddening to realize at this very moment while doing research for this post that the purchase of my new Missguided dress, which just arrived in a timely rub-it-in-your-face fashion, would have entitled me to 3% cashback had I used Shopback. Ironically, I had known of Shopback before I purchased it, but lazily assumed it was not affiliated with e-tailers less common than ASOS and Zalora. I reiterate, be sure check out the latest fashion deals on Shopback here before any purchase to avoid similar disappointment. For most Singaporeans and the percentage of international readers who are already familiar fans of our local e-tailers, get your Zalora coupons, and find Luxola promo codes with Shopback as well.


Allow me to now address a few key concerns as concisely as possible. How is this concept possible? Where does Shopback get its cash for cashback to customers? How do you use the cashback deal? How do you receive the cash? The answer is simple, brands affiliated with Shopback reward Shopback’s referrals with a commission, which is then split among every customer who used said referral link and contributed to the overall commission. It is a win-win situation, and also explains how you use their cashback deals. Simply sign up for an account here, then go through the Shopback website, clicking on their respective referral links which redirect you to the specific site where you intend to make your purchase. Stay on that page without clicking elsewhere, also making sure to use the same electronic device (computer/tablet/etc) to ensure the purchase and cashback is noted by the Shopback system. Each time you make a purchase using Shopback’s referral links, your Shopback account takes note of the amount of cash you are entitled to get back. Simply link your Paypal or bank account to your Shopback account for convenient cash transfer. You may redeem cash as soon as you have accumulated cashback of S$10.01 (Singapore), US$10.01 (USA), PHP300.01 (Philippines) or RM10.01 (Malaysia) in your account. The money will then be transferred to your selected bank or Paypal account within 7-14 working days.


For a more comprehensive overview and in-depth explanations on the inner-workings of this process, check out Shopback’s detailed FAQ.


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On a side note, it is currently October, everyone’s favorite spooky season, and Shopback is joining in on the festivities with some exclusive Halloween deals which you really don’t want to miss out on. For you my beautiful readers, use my referral link here when signing up for your Shopback account and receive a welcome gift of $5 credited into your new account with no strings attached.


Happy shopping lovelies, and I hope you found this post useful.



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    I actually haven’t heard about this site. I just bought a pair of boots yesterday and now I’m nervous to see if what I just purchased would have been eligible for cash back. Oh well, I’ll definitely look into it and hopefully save for the future.


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      Lol, I know that feeling! I just console myself by saying I’ll definitely make it for the next sale, haha.

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      Hi Yasmin, yes it only works online! And if you are from the States you are entitled to it as well! You could check out their FAQ for more details. πŸ™‚

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