It’s officially autumn on tumblr, and that equates to lots of layering, comfy knits, olive greens and burgundy, which is fast becoming one of my favorite shades.


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MDS Collections pleated top (similar here)

Zara drawstring trousers (similar here)

Melissa pointed flats (similar here)

Annielka gold bar necklace (similar here)

C for Charlotte bangle (similar here)

Vintage Hilly bag (similar here)

Photography by Hee Teck Lye

This pair of Zara drawstring burgundy pants is one of my favorite finds, as it is essentially sweatpants taken up several notches with some gorgeous textured fabric, metallic ends at the drawstrings, as well as a beautiful royal shade of red. As mentioned before, being the neurotically cost-benefit analytical person that I am, an outfit that ticks the boxes of classy, chic and comfortable is probably one of the cheapest and most satisfying thrills I get out of life.
I’ve been really inspired by the autumn season lately, even though Singapore, being the typically tropical isle it is reputable for, enjoys an eternal summer. This is probably largely due to the fact that I’ve been looking to tumblr for creative inspiration instead of merely my Pinterest board and fashion blogs I follow on bloglovin’. It’s officially autumn on tumblr, and that equates to lots of layering, comfy knits, olive greens and burgundy, which is fast becoming one of my favorite shades. It’s interesting to note that I did not use to like red, (for reasons such as it being too loud and not “serious” enough, to the fact that it was not an auspicious color in Eastern astrology for myself). However, due to seasonal trends and an increased interest to try new things so I could stop being such a creature of habit, I have grown to love it.
So to my somewhat perplexed family and friends, do excuse my taking my inner autumnal mood everywhere with me constantly, as I bask in autumnal colors, as I sit back and scroll through a dashboard of red and brown fallen leaves, pumpkins, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin cheesecakes, pumpkin scented candles and anything pumpkin related, sipping on some warm earl grey in hot and hazy Singapore, because I live in a world of fantasy, and keep your reality away from me.


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      Aw, thank you so much! I’m pretty much obsessed with red and earth tones these days. Lol yes, it’s autumn in the mind.

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      Thank you so much Ira! Museums are actually one of my favorite places to shoot at! Love the architecture.

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      Thank you! It’s a current wardrobe stable right now! <3 <3 Perhaps, but I am dying to try fall/winter fashion in the seasonal countries!

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      Thanks Natalie!!! I adore the bag too, it’s vintage, and once belonged to my mom!!! Vintage items that last are always a rare gem!

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    I feel exactly like you right now! I’m based in south india and it’s just hot or hotter all year but I’m used to 4 seasons (I’m french). I’m craving for fall (if it’s even something possible) and its pumpkin spice latte, colourful leaves, knitwear and warm colours.
    Love the marsala colour in this post and the location is just perfect! You are so lucky to have so many nice spots for photoshoot!

    Aurelie |

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      Haha thanks Aurelie! Yeah I’m pretty lucky that Singapore is really small so I have a myriad of locations to discover and choose from within a pretty small radius, makes things a lot easier. I have never experienced fall in my life!!! (Except when I spent 2 years in the UK when I was 3, but I could barely remember anything) But from what I’ve seen it’s a ton of gorgeous fallen leaves and stay at home curled up by the fire weather, which is a tad cozier than winter which is absolutely freezing. Fall seems like the best season for homebodies!

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    super love the way you do your eye makeup, Audrey, especially the stylish winged eye! Oh yes, this deep royal red pants is a great piece to own, I had my eye on something like this at Zara earlier which I spotted, but didn’t get it. But its grey though. I love the metallic detail and super love how you pair it with a pink blush melissa pointed flats.

    Lovely outfit post, as always *_^

    Oh well, hazy weather here in KL has cleared (FINALLY!) due to some rain of late. So, it’s a GOOD thing! Hope it’s the same over there for you in Singapore.

    Have a great weekend, lovely.

    Big hugs,

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      Hi Jeann, thanks for your wonderful comment! ๐Ÿ™‚ Haha this particular eye make up was heavier than my usual, I thought I overdid it, but it seems to be pretty well received here! I’ll probably attempt to do it again one day. UGH yes, thanks to the rain and all, I think the crazy fires are out and the haze has finally died down, it did some NASTY things to my skin and lips, and was just so soul-sucking all in all. Glad that nightmare is over for you too!

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