Traveling with Luxola


In addition to a condensed travel brush kit, my beloved Naked Urban Decay On The Run palette is also a traveling essential.

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Make up brushes: Luxola Real Techniques Travel Set (code “BLX-VELVETEEN” to receive 15% off first-time orders)

Jewellery: Annielka Gold Deer Antler Pendant Necklace (code “VELVETEEN20” to receive 20% off)

Photography and Styling by myself


Life travels at such a fast pace sometimes that it’s only when I stop to look at the calendar in a moment of mindfulness that I realize almost half of 2015 is up. I can’t believe the amount of new experiences I’ve had this year including collaborating with brands for the first time ever, and I am really grateful for all the opportunities and exciting experiences I’ve had so far. Even though I thought I’d begun 2015 on a high note, it seems like the year is still gearing me up for busy times to come with more collaborations and styling work, that sometimes I wish there really were 48 hours in a day!


I am so glad to have had the chance to collaborate with Luxola, my favorite Singaporean online beauty e-tailer, as well as The Luxe Nomad, the first stop for curated vacationing experiences, to present the Real Techniques Travel Set which consists of 3 make up brushes styled by yours truly in celebration of the impending holidays. Packing for an overseas vacation can get really hectic if you tend to leave everything to the last minute like myself, and it is a wonder I ever find enough space to cram all my cosmetics and beauty products into my suitcase on top of my bursting wardrobe. Being the sort of girl that needs to have basic make up on almost anywhere, travel kits are my favorite. These 3 make-up brushes are really handy for the basic essentials; foundation, eyeshadow and powder, and come in a pretty case that doubles as a brush stand. I am completely in love with the look and feel of these brushes and how incredibly affordable they are. For all my wonderful readers, use the code “BLX-VELVETEEN” for any Luxola products at checkout to receive 15% off all first-time orders within a month. (Not vaild for non-discountable brands in the FAQ section.)


In addition to a condensed travel brush kit, my beloved Naked Urban Decay On The Run palette is also a traveling essential.  Add ten relaxed outfits, a pair of heels, a pair of sandals, classic accessories, my favorite matcha tea sachets plus …a million other essentials and I am ready to jet off.


Happy vacationing everyone.


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