This shoot here is the embodiment of my current style; the theme of monochromatic clothing melding with bold architectural patterns.



Labellavita top (similar here)

Forever 21 pants (similar here)

Marks & Spencer boots (similar Nine West pair here)

LTXLG bracelet

Photography by Hee Teck Lye


In the past few weeks I have been so caught up with celebrating my birthday and taking time off to relax with the people dearest to me be it through shopping sprees or delicious dinners that I deliberately put my blog on the back burner. Taking time off from my beloved posts made me feel extremely guilty at first (I treat my blog like my baby, it is the fruition of all my hard work and creativity), however I believe it was well worth it to rest and relax as I usually have so little time to meet my friends during the year, and this was the perfect excuse to catch up with everyone’s lives. I’m so grateful for the overwhelming amount of wonderful presents and love I got this year, and I can’t wait to photograph and style everything for Instagram or here on the blog. I also have a number of exciting posts and collaborations in the works which I can’t wait to share with you guys soon.


This shoot here is the embodiment of my current style; the theme of monochromatic clothing melding with bold architectural patterns. I am a huge fan of creating unity between the environment and clothing in my shoots, be it through colors, shapes or textures and I am happy to say that in this shoot I have achieved all three. Gillman Barracks typically provides the perfect environment for shoots, simply because of the beauty of its colonial style architecture and pure white backdrops which is a great fit with modern clothing. It is also a happy coincidence that they were pruning the trees and bushes that day and I managed to secure a bunch of pure white bougainvillaea flowers which acted as a beautiful prop and created unique shadows across my face as I held it against the sun.

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      Me too! Although it’s mostly because I’m not so confident when matching colors… I will learn one day though! ;P

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    I stumbled onto you from shinebythree and i’m glad i did. You have great style. i actually just got a pair of blue boots like yours recently that I styled for a blog post. it’s really hard to find cool, colored ankle boots. And those pants are awesome. I especially love one of the last vertical shots where you’re looking down– so cute. Will definitely be coming back.

    Duty Free Dame | Bloglovin

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