Beach Edge


An edgy beach look that contrasted daring rock and roll pieces from Lee Renee with the casual blues of summer, denim and the sea.



Lowrys Farm denim top (similar here)

Red 2 denim shorts (similar here)

Corda Life rope sandals (similar here)

Annielka Gold Mini Halo Necklace, Garnet Voodoo Skull Necklace, Silver Voodoo Ring, Black Pearl Cathy Ring, Rhodium Bubble Ring, Moon Ring in Gold and Silver

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Photography by Ruth Lee


Last month, I collaborated with Annielka to style 3 different looks using pieces from their range. Look 1 was an edgy beach look that contrasted daring rock and roll pieces from Lee Renee with the casual blues of summer, denim and the sea. My aim was to portray a vibe that was seemingly effortless and breezy, yet eye catching and bold with a tinge of dark glamor at the same time. Some of my most loved pieces, such as the Voodoo Ring, are featured in this first curation.


The location for this shoot, Tanjong Beach, is my favorite beach in Singapore to shoot as it is the furthest from Beach Station and you are required to travel a distance by tram or by foot to reach. It is hands down the best spot to get away from crowds and hence take photos, especially due to the large natural rock wall at the end which I love to scale. In previous years, the beach used to be completely secluded or dotted sparsely by random couples among the sand on most days. The first time I ever came to this spot, I was doing a bikini shoot with a photographer friend of mine, and late on a Thursday afternoon, only one tiny couple was visible in the distance. Times changed since Tanjong Beach Club opened its doors, and the place has naturally gotten livelier. Still, it is a far cry from the densely populated Siloso Beach which everyone flocks to. During this particular shoot, due to the sandy and windy nature of beaches, I managed to get sand into my Canon lens which caused it to make crackling noises every time I attempted to adjust the zoom function. Thankfully, it survived this trip or I would have had nothing to shoot with in the upcoming weeks!


In the eyes of some, Singapore’s beaches could be considered tiny and unremarkable compared to other areas of the world, yet it is an indisputably picturesque spot to relax, take a nap, have a picnic, or in my girlfriend’s case, enact a make-believe scene from Survivor and then fall off a rock wall on days off. I am happy to have our own little slice of tropical paradise, accessible only an hour’s travel away from home.

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